Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wanted: Free Advice!

Ciao, miei amici!

La mia ragazza needs some grooming-tool advice (not that I, Lucia, need to be groomed -- I am lovely just as I am!) and I told her I would ask my dear pals in bloggie-land. We hope one or some of you may be able to give her some input because, right now, she is awash in a sea of pet-supply websites and after dutifully studying each and every one of them, she is still as perplesso (perplexed) as ever. (This is a very common problema [problem] in mia casa, but that's another story for another day .... heeeeeeeeee!!)

So, here's her dilemma: do any Aire-pawrents out there use a Mars Coat King to groom their Aire-pups' coats? If you're not familiar with what a Mars Coat King is, it's a stripping-type tool that helps keep dogs' coats in splendid shape. Here's a picture of one from the PetEdge website:

The problem is, there are many different sizes and blade-widths available, and la mia ragazza was unable to find -- after poring over all of her multitudinous bookmarked web pages -- which particular Coat King is specifically designed to be used on an Airedale Terrier's coat. I, Lucia, was stripped before we moved this past year (well, my saddle and face were stripped -- other parts of me were scissored) but la mia ragazza hasn't been able to find an Aire-stylist in our new home town who will do hand stripping, so she thought she'd give it a go, herself. (Santa vacca! There could be trouble in Lucia's beautiful universe!!) A friend who strips her little Welshie terrier suggested the Mars product, so la mia ragazza has been investigating, but she can't decide which model is best for my darling self.

Do any Airedale owners out there use a Mars Coat King?? Can you help la mia ragazza -- and save Lucia from potential hand-stripping butchery! -- with any advice?

In other developments, here is a photo of meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee in my new red coat!

It keeps me very toasty and warm during walkies on these cold winter days as it is lined with thick and luxurious fleeciness! (And if la mia ragazza doesn't get the right stripping tool and ends up pulling out all of my bellissima gingery furs in her zeal to groom me, I may end up wearing my red coat ALL SUMMER, too ....!!!)

Tanti baci!


Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day!!

Ciao, miei amici!
Santa vacca, everybloggie, look what happened in Lucia's beautiful universe today!!!!Wheeeeeeeee!!! E 'un giorno di neve! (It's a snow day!)

This is fun!

I, Lucia, love the snow!

Snowflakes are delicious! (Biggify this photo to see how I catch a snowflake!)

It's a very good thing that Santa Paws brought me un cappotto nuovo (a new coat) for Christmas ... although ... heeeeeeeee!!! ... it's often very difficult for la mia ragazza to get the coat on me as I am highly energetic and rarely stand still!! Nevertheless, look at the special note from Santa that came in the package with my coat. Awwww, Santa loves Lucia!

The note says, "Merry Christmas, sweet Lucia! You have been a very good girl this year! Kisses and Hugs! Santa Paws"


And here is a fotografia of mia bellissima cappotto (my beautiful coat).

La mia ragazza says the white stripe on the coat glows at night so all of my beloved neighbors can see me when I take a walk. Fantastico!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Monday, too, darling friends -- snow or no snow!

Tanti baci!