Thursday, August 27, 2009

To dig ... or to dive??? That is the question...

Ciao miei amici!

I, Lucia, have been away from bloggieland for a very long time and have missed all of my pals hooogely! Here I am, looking solitario (lonely) and molto triste (very sad)…

The fact is, a volte (sometimes) we have to look after il mio nonno (my grandpa) for a bit, and when we do … poof!

Without much – any!! – notice, we seem to scomparire (disappear) into thin air, like a mysterious magico atto (magic act). (Hmmm … does that make me the Great Ludini???? Or maybe Lucia Coppairefield….???? Heeeeeeeeee!!!!) Of course, we really haven’t disappeared; we are just away from the ‘puter for a while.

But … speaking of magically disappearing, while la mia ragazza and I, her darlingest gingery-furred Lucia, were away, I learned that my Principe Azzurro (Prince Charming), Busterigo,

and his famiglia (family) are thinking of disappearing down a rabbit hole – figuratively speaking -- into the vast nether-lands (will there be gouda? Mmmmm … gouda…)

in search of avventure (adventures) in Oz, lead by the intrepid Ms. Sephie and the insightful Ms. Bailey Blue. The problem, as I understand from il mio dolce Buster (my sweet Buster), is where to start digging this magical tunnel into fantastical new worlds. I discussed it with la mia ragazza and she said, “I don’t really know where to begin, Lucia, but I’d avoid tight, narrow passageways if I were you. They’re very creepy.” When I asked her why, she told me about a long, twisty trip she took up a flight of 463 steep steps in a dark, low-ceilinged corridor in Firenze (Florence), to the very tippy top of Signore Brunelleschi’s magnifico dome of the duomo, Santa Maria del Fiore.

She said that anydoggie with claustrophobic tendencies ought to avoid such kinds of confined places. Santa vacca, Santa Maria! I, Lucia, will heed questo consiglio (this advice) and will pass it along to il mio amato azzurro ragazzo (my beloved blue boy)! (Of course, la mia ragazza completely missed the point: Busterigo and his Kerry kin are digging DOWN, not climbing UP …. Sheesh!!!)

Ah, I digress … now, back to the conundrum of where to commence the dig. Ho un'idea!! (I have an idea!!) When I was visiting la mia zia (my aunt), Conni, and la mia cugina (my cousin), Heidi, last month, we drove past this place …

It is called Ruby Falls, and it has an amazing underground cascata (waterfall) …

Well, it made me think: perhaps not all passaggio sotterraneo (underground passage) entrances are meant to be dug. Maybe, just maybe, some are meant to be … dog paddled! As in … water! Eureka! I, Lucia, sat down with la mia ragazza at the lappytop and started to research potential watery entrances into magnificent adventures, explorations and fun. And of course, because I adore il colore azzurro (the color blue) so very, very much, I asked la mia ragazza to type “blue + water” into Google. Up popped page after page after page of results, which I steadfastly and dutifully plowed through until I stumbled on this: The Grotta Azzurra di Capri , in my beloved Italia!

A secret cave entrance!!! And it’s bluuuuuuuuuuuuuee!! Heeeeeeeee!!! Could the starting point for my blue boy’s big dig actually be a big dive through the Blue Grotto? Hmmm. Or!!! Perhaps there is a watery starting point right in Busterigo’s summertime back yard, The Pond!!!! Santo fumo!! The doorway to the big dig could be right under their collective blue noses…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stay tuned to the Kerry Blues’ bloggie for more details because something tells me this is one itinerary you won’t find on Google maps….

Tanti baci!