Thursday, May 14, 2009


Ciao miei amici!

I have been barking my noggin off for the past ora (hour) or so because there has been TUONO (THUNDER)! I am not quite sure what this thunder business is, but every time I hear a loud BOOM, I feel the urge to talk back.

What is that noise?!?!

La mia ragazza doesn't exactly try to pet or snuggle me when the thunder thunders because she read in some doggie libri (books) that making a big fuss over thunder will only reinforce my reaction to it, so mostly, she just tries to keep doing whatever it is that she's doing when the BOOM hits. I'm very curiosa (curious), everydoggie -- how do you handle thunder in your homes? If you all get cuddles and extra attention, I'm going to stage a big protest to la mia ragazza!

Now, while this thunderyness is not so great, I am MOLTO, MOLTO (VERY, VERY) happy to report that la mia ragazza's papa is home again and feeling much better after getting several rounds of Auntie Biotics these past few days. We will be spending some time with him this fine settimana (weekend), just to give him a hand until he's 100 percent back to normal.

On the go again!

Well, wait -- la mia ragazza is spending some time with him this weekend, but I, Lucia, am going to be spending some time with my beloved Auntie Beth. Why am I going there, you ask? Because Grandpa needs to rest a lot and -- giggle!! -- sometimes I bark too much at things I see in the yard. Birdies, squirrels, bunnies -- ah, I feel the need to converse with them all! The goooooood news is, Auntie Beth's vicini (neighbors) have a 5-month-old Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier that I may get to play with! Yayyy! We will try to get some fotografie (pictures) and will post them so you can see this dear pupster. I also understand from la mia ragazza that I have a cugino (cousin) in that area -- an Airedale Terrier who's from the same breeder that I'm from. Wouldn't it be fantastico (fantastic) if I ran into this doggie while taking a walkie with Auntie Beth?? Santa vacca (holy cow), I would be overjoyed!

La mia ragazza told me that we will try to visit everybloggie before we go because we have lots of catching up to do, but in the meantime, she wants to say [WAIT ... WHAT?? OK, OK, OK] ...Actually, she says she'll tell you in the PeeEss, so I'll sign off with ....

Tanti baci!

PeeEss: Thank you so very much to all of Lucia's bloggie pals and their mamas and papas. Your prayers, good wishes and crossed paws (not to mention that wonderful Aire Zen!) for my father and my beautiful mom have meant the world to me. You all are so caring and so kind -- what an amazing community!

Lucia's Ragazza (Girl)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Un Favore

Ciao, miei amici!

I have a special favore (favor) to ask of everydoggie, kitty, hammie and hooman and hope you'll be able to help. Ieri (yesterday) was a hard day for la mia ragazza because it was the first Mother's Day she had without her darlingest mama. Some of you already know that la mia ragazza lost her mama in Dicembre (December), so even though she had intended to post something yesterday about mamas and how straordinaria (extraordinary) and speciale (special) hers was, well ... it just made her too sad. I told her that I completely understood and not to fret about it. Unfortunately, there WAS some fretting done yesterday over la mia ragazza's papa, who is not feeling well.

Here we are on our way to see la mia ragazza's papa. It was windy!

So, here's the favor part: could all of you keep your paws and fingers crossed that he'll be bouncing back soon? I, Lucia, would be especially grateful, and I know la mia ragazza would be, too.

Mille grazie (a million thanks) dearest bloggie pals! Mwahh!

Tanti baci!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fotografie-less Passeggiata

Ciao, miei amici!

Even though I was esausta (exhausted) from the thrilling and splendid wedding festivities in Salzburg -- plus my performance with il mio caro (my darling) Busterigo in “The Magic Flute” – la mia ragazza decided a nice pre-dinner passeggiata (walkie) would be just the thing for us ieri (yesterday). So, off we went to the park for a four-mile hike that took us past a bello ruscello (pretty stream) along a path that cut through magnifici alberi (magnificent trees) and lots of wildflowers. Why are there no fotografie (photographs) of this, you ask? Because la mia ragazza FORGOT TO BRING THE CAMERA! Plllffffbbbbb!

Once we finished our walkie, we both sat on a grosso masso (big boulder) alongside the pretty stream, and many admirers came over to ask la mia ragazza what sort of doggie I was. I got lots of attention and many pats, and quite a few little hoomans wanted to give me ear scritchies, and naturally, being polite and amiable, I indulged everyone.

In lieu of fotografie (photographs) from the park – which, to remind you, are not available because la mia ragazza FORGOT TO BRING THE CAMERA – she snapped a few pikkies from our yard so you can see what’s currently blooming there. Mmmm … lille (lilacs)! What dolce profumo (sweet perfume)!

Here are the beginnings of the peonies. We’ll have to wait a little while longer until their beautiful pink fiori (flowers) bloom.

And here are some hydrangea shoots, just waking up in time for spring …

… and some bambini (baby) clematis …

… and the feathery red leaves of the Giapponese (Japanese) maple tree.

And here is a rare gingery-colored Airedaleus Lucius (Lucia the Airedale), freshly clipped from the groomer. La mia ragazza says it is her most precious fiore (flower) of all. Awwwwww ….. I may have to give her an extra-big smoochie for that!!

Tanti baci!