Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Questo è delizioso!

Ciao, miei amici!

La mia ragazza told me that a fotografia (picture) equals a thousand words, so I, Lucia, am delighted to present the following, ummm, eight thousand words for your personal enjoyment!

Tanti baci!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Sweet Little Friend

Ciao, miei amici --
My dear little next-door-neighbor doggie pal, Trigger the Yorkie, very unexpectedly went to the Rainbow Bridge today; my darling buddy was hit by a car during his afternoon walkies. Please keep his mama and papa in your thoughts and prayers, everybloggie.
Run with the wind, my sweet, darling friend!!! I will miss our walkies together, but I know I will see you again someday!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

To dig ... or to dive??? That is the question...

Ciao miei amici!

I, Lucia, have been away from bloggieland for a very long time and have missed all of my pals hooogely! Here I am, looking solitario (lonely) and molto triste (very sad)…

The fact is, a volte (sometimes) we have to look after il mio nonno (my grandpa) for a bit, and when we do … poof!

Without much – any!! – notice, we seem to scomparire (disappear) into thin air, like a mysterious magico atto (magic act). (Hmmm … does that make me the Great Ludini???? Or maybe Lucia Coppairefield….???? Heeeeeeeeee!!!!) Of course, we really haven’t disappeared; we are just away from the ‘puter for a while.

But … speaking of magically disappearing, while la mia ragazza and I, her darlingest gingery-furred Lucia, were away, I learned that my Principe Azzurro (Prince Charming), Busterigo,

and his famiglia (family) are thinking of disappearing down a rabbit hole – figuratively speaking -- into the vast nether-lands (will there be gouda? Mmmmm … gouda…)

in search of avventure (adventures) in Oz, lead by the intrepid Ms. Sephie and the insightful Ms. Bailey Blue. The problem, as I understand from il mio dolce Buster (my sweet Buster), is where to start digging this magical tunnel into fantastical new worlds. I discussed it with la mia ragazza and she said, “I don’t really know where to begin, Lucia, but I’d avoid tight, narrow passageways if I were you. They’re very creepy.” When I asked her why, she told me about a long, twisty trip she took up a flight of 463 steep steps in a dark, low-ceilinged corridor in Firenze (Florence), to the very tippy top of Signore Brunelleschi’s magnifico dome of the duomo, Santa Maria del Fiore.

She said that anydoggie with claustrophobic tendencies ought to avoid such kinds of confined places. Santa vacca, Santa Maria! I, Lucia, will heed questo consiglio (this advice) and will pass it along to il mio amato azzurro ragazzo (my beloved blue boy)! (Of course, la mia ragazza completely missed the point: Busterigo and his Kerry kin are digging DOWN, not climbing UP …. Sheesh!!!)

Ah, I digress … now, back to the conundrum of where to commence the dig. Ho un'idea!! (I have an idea!!) When I was visiting la mia zia (my aunt), Conni, and la mia cugina (my cousin), Heidi, last month, we drove past this place …

It is called Ruby Falls, and it has an amazing underground cascata (waterfall) …

Well, it made me think: perhaps not all passaggio sotterraneo (underground passage) entrances are meant to be dug. Maybe, just maybe, some are meant to be … dog paddled! As in … water! Eureka! I, Lucia, sat down with la mia ragazza at the lappytop and started to research potential watery entrances into magnificent adventures, explorations and fun. And of course, because I adore il colore azzurro (the color blue) so very, very much, I asked la mia ragazza to type “blue + water” into Google. Up popped page after page after page of results, which I steadfastly and dutifully plowed through until I stumbled on this: The Grotta Azzurra di Capri , in my beloved Italia!

A secret cave entrance!!! And it’s bluuuuuuuuuuuuuee!! Heeeeeeeee!!! Could the starting point for my blue boy’s big dig actually be a big dive through the Blue Grotto? Hmmm. Or!!! Perhaps there is a watery starting point right in Busterigo’s summertime back yard, The Pond!!!! Santo fumo!! The doorway to the big dig could be right under their collective blue noses…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stay tuned to the Kerry Blues’ bloggie for more details because something tells me this is one itinerary you won’t find on Google maps….

Tanti baci!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Di un anno!

Ciao, miei amici!

Today I am ONE YEAR OLD!

That means I am officially all grown up!! (Although la mia ragazza STILL calls me her baby girl ... sheeesh ....)

My barkday celebration began a day or so ago while I was still visiting my cugina (cousin) Heidi, and mia zia (aunt) and zio (uncle) in Tennessee. Heidi and I put on party hats and had some tasty, sweet yummies to kick off the festivities, and THEN, mia zia drove back with us to mia citta (my city), so we will be celebrating again today, on my official barkday!!!! Yayyyyyyy!!! I don't know what la mia ragazza and la mia zia have in store for me today, but I, Lucia, am hoping for some torta e gelato (cake and ice cream) ... mmmmmmm torta and gelato .... because I have been paying attention to what happens to my bloggie pals on their barkdays and there always seems to be torta and gelato. Do you think I'll get some, too?????? Mmmmmmmm .... I sure hope so!!!

Just look at this bellissima (absolutely beautiful!) biglietto di compleanno (birthday card) I received today from mia cara amica (my dear friend),
Asta! Thank you, Asta!!!! Muahhhhhhh!!!

Buon Compleanno Lucia
Build your own Blingee

(And now that I am all grown up, I can drink that pretty pink pawtini!!! And probably one of Lacie's favuloso smoothies, too!!!! Heeeeeeeee!!!!)

By the way, la mia ragazza says she feels like it is HER barkday today, too, because she has me, her best present ever! Awwwwwww .....!!!!!! As for me, my best present is all of you, dearest bloggie pals! You make my world sweeter, brighter and happier!!!! Ti amo, everybloggie!!!!

Tanti baci!

Monday, July 20, 2009


Ciao miei amici!

I, Lucia, am on a little holiday with la mia ragazza and her papa! A few days ago, we took a looonnnnnnng drive from our casa (house) to visit la mia ragazza's sorella (sister), who lives in Tennessee. La mia ragazza says I was eccellente (excellent) in the car because I didn't bark, knock her papa's hat off his head, bite at the seats or nosepoke her hair. I did, of course, create some amazing noseart on the back windows, but you-know-who washed it all off. Pllbbbbbb!!!

The BEST part of the entire trip is that I get to play with my dearest cugina (cousin), Heidi, for almost a whole week!! Plus, Heidi has a big, hooge, enorme (enormous) yardie and it's all fenced in so I, Lucia, can run free! Here are some fotografie (photographs) of the two of us enjoying the beautiful yard and beautiful weather:

La mia ragazza and I have been verrrrrrry busy going here and there these past few days, but we promise to post more fun fotografie of our trip soon. We miss all of you, bloggie pals, and will catch up as fast as we can!

Tanti baci!


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Stuffie Studies

Ciao miei amici!

I'll bet you didn't know that I, Lucia, am una studentessa di scienze (a student of science) and as such, greatly enjoy studying the tiniest informazioni (details) of whatever I can unearth in in la mia ragazza's office, bedroom closet and laundry basket as well as the numerous fossils and artifacts from archeological excavations in my yard. But I am particularly delighted by the segreti (secrets) that we can learn from the close study of stuffies and can spend endless amounts of time in complete fascination reviewing the construction of stuffie limbs, ears, noses, eyes and, of course, stuffie squeakers. In my scientific opinion, it is only when we know the intricato (intricate) details of the stuffie parts that we can truly come to understand and appreciate the stuffie whole. (Heeeeeeeee!!!! You know where this is going, don't you??????????????? Please be advised -- this is not for the stuffie faint of heart!)

Tanti baci!


Saturday, July 4, 2009


Ciao miei amici!

It’s the Fourth of July, also known as Independence Day here in gli Stati Uniti (the United States)! The Fourth of July is the anniversario (anniversary) of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, which took place on July 4, 1776 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

It’s also a fine settimana (weekend) when friends and families celebrate with picnics, parties and fireworks – and, of course, many delicious summertime treats! As for those fireworks, I’ve heard OF them, but because I wasn’t born until the end of Luglio (July) last year, I’ve never actually HEARD them. Should I be checking the medicine cabinet for cotone (cotton) to put in my orecchie (ears)??? Hmmmm ….

In my last post, I promised more details on my new terrier buddies and how I came to meet them. So... here’s the scoop: It all started on Father’s Day, when la mia ragazza and I, Lucia, went to see her papa -- who is my hooman nonno (grandpa). In the car with the patate in insalata (potato salad), la mia ragazza’s flippy-flops and the doggie kennel was this darling gingery-furred passenger:

As you can see, I enjoy being chauffeured in the back seat as opposed to riding shotgun, which, in our car, is simply too confining for one as physically expressive as I am. I always relish (mmmm …. relish ...) these road trips because A) I get to sniff the air of new territories as we cruise through them ; B) I get to have a cup of ghiaccio (ice) from McDonalds, which I crunch to smithereens in the backseat; and C) I always end up visiting somewhere divertente e eccitante (fun and exciting), which usually affords my sociable self the opportunity to make new friends!

Once there, I visited with Grandpa for a while – he always gives me the tastiest snackies! – and then la mia ragazza and her sorella, my Zia Concetta (aka, Auntie Conni!) went for another short ride to a nearby doggie daycare, where la mia ragazza had made arrangements for me to spend some time playing with new pals. Yayyy! Now, this is no ordinary doggie daycare, nosignorrrre … this is a doggie daycare that’s home to magnifico Airedale-boy Cache, his mama, Alyce, their Irish Terrier buddy, Mick, and three other visiting Aire-pals!!!! Santa vacca!!! For an only-doggie like me, it was a thrilling treat to be surrounded by so many terrier kin!!!

Here we are arriving … my head was out the finestrino (car window) immediately to greet everydoggie!

Look closely at this fotografie. Can you see what I see!?!?! Buddies!!!!

Um, I would appreciate it very much if someone could kindly let me out of the car.

That’s right, you need to open the door, and please be quick about it; as you can plainly see, I have friends waiting. Come on, come on, come on …

LET ME OUT!!!! Puh-leeeeeeeeze!!! What’s a girl have to do to get someone to open the car door for her!?!?! Is chivalry dead!?!?!

Here is handsome Cache. He is the very first Airedale la mia ragazza ever played with in person, and she was instantly and totally smitten with him and with his mama, Alyce. Aren’t they both adorable!?!?

Another fotografia of Cache (la mia ragazza is head-over-heels for this pupster … she took lots of pictures of him). That’s his buddy, Mick the Irish terrier, with him.

Here’s sweet Alyce again … mwahhh!

… and Mick, saying, “Hello there, Lucia!” (Ciao Mick!!!)

I had the BEST time with my terrier pals, miei amici – words can’t begin to describe the fun!!! La mia ragazza says I can go back to visit everydoggie there the next time we drive to her papa’s --- and I already can’t wait!!!!

Tanti baci!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Questa è la mia bella lingua AND i miei nuovi amici!

Ciao miei amici!

I nostri piccoli amici (our little friends) the
Rocky Creek Scotties have come up with the coooooooolest "Stick Out Your Tongue" contest and I, Lucia, am delighted to play along! I have already seen many fantastico contest entries and am suitably impressed with each and every one of them. Our bloggieverse is rich with some very grand and magnificent tongue talent!!! (But, um ... one question to the King of the Goobs: do you have tongue extensions!??!?? Santa vacca, il mio amico -- your photos are so very impressive!!)

So, without further delay, I bring you La Lingua di Lucia (Lucia's Tongue) -- a dramatic performance in seven acts:

Puppy tongue

Pllllbbbbbb!! Who-put-this-glue-on-my-ears tongue

Jailbird tongue

Joyful tongue

Bologna tongue

Blleechhhh tongue

Poppysicle tongue ... mmmmmm

And!!! I will post more about this later, but la mia ragazza and I went to visit her papa and her sorella (sister), who is la mia zia Concetta (my Auntie Conni) last week ... and I got to spend the week in doggie day care with THESE pals, who live near il mio nonno (my grandpa)!!! It was FANTASTICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is bellissimo (very beautiful!!) Cache, dolce (sweet) Mick -- a dear Irish Terrier like our amico Keeley -- and Cache's adorabile mama (adorable mom), Alyce. Cache and Alyce are the very first Airedales la mia ragazza ever saw and played with in person. Awwwwww...

But wait, there's more! La mia ragazza and I saw this in a store last week and I made her take a fotografia (photograph) for my enlightened pal, Mango. Don't you think this would help create just the right kind of ambience for his many deep and introspective meditations?? If you biggify the pic, you'll see the box even has his name on it!! How completely perfetto (perfect) is that!?!?!

Tanti baci!