Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Ciao miei amici!

Guess what???? Ho due anni!!! (I am two!!)

Although I am molto (very) excited at the idea of having my second birthday, for some reason la mia ragazza has been quite emotionally tormented by it. She keeps looking at me with teary eyes and saying, "Mia bella ragazza (“My beautiful girl) is growing up.” I, Lucia, find this endlessly amusing! Does she not realize that Airedales are like Peter Pan?? We NEVER grow up!!!! Heeeeeeeeeeee!! At two years, I am just as curious, frisky, playful, rambunctious, comical and energetic as I was at one, and at one, I was as playful and mirthful and gleeful and joyful as I was at six months – and probably at six weeks, too! Possibly even six days!

La mia ragazza has something up her sleeve for my birthday, I just know. But, I will have to wait until she’s home from work to find out what it is. Do you think it will be a party with cuppycakes … mmmmm cuppycakes … and hats and pressies!?!? I, Lucia, would enjoy that enormously. In fact, I think the only way I would enjoy it more is if all of my bloggie pals could be here with me to celebrate!! MUAHHHHH!

Tanti baci!


Pee Ess: Once my birthday festivities have settled down a bit, I will come back and tell you about the very scary surgery I had to have two weeks ago, and the very scary thing that happened to me afterward. I though la mia ragazza was going to have a nervous breakdown!!! Sheeshh!!!!