Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Colorful Week in Mia Citta

Brown Boxes, Pink Wilsons and Red Collars

Ciao bella miei amici! I’m sorry mia ragazza has been such a slacker lately with my bloggie, but she had company visiting this past week – her sorella, from out of town – and was sooooo preoccupied with spending time with HER that she forgot about taking care of MY bloggie! Booooooo!!! To try to soothe my feelings over this stunning creative neglect, she and mia zia gave me some tremendous and fun presents. (Si, si, miei amici, I’ll admit: I can be bought if the treats are right.) The BIGGEST one is this magnificent red and white soccer ball from mia zia. Doesn’t it just fill the space with mind-blowing architectural dimension???

Mia zia also gave me a whole can of pink Wilsons (playbows to theBUSTER for giving her the idea for Wilsons) because, given my compulsive and cheetah-like need to chew, I had chomped up all of my old Air Squeaker balls and killed the squealies in them.

The new pink Wilsons don’t squeak, but they bounce really high, which I just love!! I get so excited over the Olympic-class jumps of the Wilsons that I break out into a full tuckbuttrun of joy!

Just when I thought my cup was truly running over, a brown scatola was delivered to our front door by a man in a brown jacket and pants who got out of a big brown truck. Now, brown is very close to tan, and as I have tan paws and leggies, a tan tail and a nice, fuzzy tan face, I felt a good vibe from Mr. Brown and mama mia, was I ever on target with that! Wait’ll you see!

Mia ragazza put the box on the floor so I could give it a good sniff.

Once I had checked it out thoroughly, she took it into the kitchen and cut the sticky tape holding the box flaps closed. Out spilled this glorious fuzzy and squeaky splendor:

Wayyyy in the bottom of the box was a new leash for me, although I think it is really for mia ragazza. That’s because last week during one of our walks, I pulled really hard on my nylon leash and it slid fast through her hands and left a nasty looking red mark. She then yelled out one of my special names (I have many!): LuciacutthatoutNOW. Anyway, she got this new leather leash because my trainer told her it would be easier to manage me with it, and that it would last longer than nylon. (Hee hee: I have already chewed through two nylon leashes!!)

THENNNNNN, the next day, another regalo arrived in the mail: un bello nuovo rosso collare! My old nylon collars were getting a little snug because I am going through quite a growth spurt. (In fact, mia ragazza says she thinks I may be part quarterhorse because I am getting so big!) My new red collar feels much comfier. Ahhhh…

Grazie mille to mia zia, who not only brought me packages of special and very tasty yummies in her suitcase from like, a zillion miles away, but who also gave me the very exciting Wilsons and the saucy red and white soccer ball. Ti amo, mia cara zia! Please give mia cugina, Heidi the English Springer Spaniel, an extra smoochie from me for sharing you with us this past week.

And I SUPPOSE I’ll forgive mia ragazza for neglecting my bloggie this week since she DID get me the Brown Box of Fabulousness, my flirtatious rosso collar and the new leather leash. It’s not as tasty as my old nylon leashes, but it has an enticing al dente chewiness to it that I’m gradually getting used to!

Tanti baci!


Mason Dixie said...

Wow what great gifts you got there. you should let your mom neglect the blog more if you get goodies like that. (not for real though b/c we miss having you) =)

Noah the Airedale said...

Ciao bella,
You did well with the gifts. The collar is very snazzy.

Noah x

Maggie and Mitch said...

What nice gifts, Lucia! Your new collar is just beautiful! Red is definitely your color!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Sherry said...

I love the men and women in the brown uniforms who bring doggie toys, treats, and yummy-smelling parrot pellets (which I only get when the birds throw them on the floor). I'll have to tell my mom that an Airedale can never have enough toys.


Rambo said...

you look favoloso in your new rosso collare! I hope you enjoy your new giochi!
Arrivederci il mio amica,

Petey said...

Wilson's are the best! I liked the Air Squeakies too but I'm too agressive a tennis ball peeler and they don't last long.

Now I'm off to hide the computer until Mommy comes up with the tennis ball ransom!

Your pal,


Persephone and Buster said...

oh ms. lucia, you look stunning in red!
and i am ecstatic that you now have "pinkie wilsons" to practice "buster-ball" maneuvers with.. i think that brown person needs to come every day!!
as for the "names"... ;o] very cute.
theBUSTER, Ms.Persephone (girl of many names also), & Ms.Blue

Asta said...

Mia favowita Lucia
I think youw Wosso collaw and Faboolous Futbol awe beyond wondewful..(I don't know if I should tell you this cawa, but that leathew lead is soo delicious..nylon ones have no taste compawed to it..but don't tell youw Wagazza that I told you, hehehe)
I'm vewy happy you got so many tewwific pwesentses, but I did miss you
smoochie baci

Faya said...

Ciao Bella Lucia !
Comme stai ?
Don't worry about your names. When I was a puppy I thought my name was "FAYANO" ! ....
I love your collar. It suits you very well. And the new leash won't hurt your Mom anymore.
I hope you will have a great week with a lot of fun with your Wilsons.
Kisses, Faya

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

Cool red collar Lucia! You probably look great in it, though we couldn't see your pretty face in that picture.;<) XO-BRD & H

Finni said...

Wow, great toys!!! We still have a couple of squeaker balls alive. They're fun. Those pink Wilsons look good tho'! Nelly loves pink.

Finni xx

Digsby Mac Feegle said...

Momma Mia! Give that brown man my address next time you see him. Goodness, its like Christmas at your house!

Sally said...

What fabulous gifts! You have a wonderful Zia - who deserves many Baci when you see her next.

Maybe I should get my human to have brown packages arrive for me - maybe I won't be so mad at the postman and try to bite the door.

Lots of licks

Molly and Taffy said...

Fantastic presents Lucia, we rather like the look of the red football!

Have a grrrrrrrrrreat week.

Molly and Taffy