Friday, June 5, 2009


Ciao, miei amici!

Eccomi! (Here I am!) At long last, I, Lucia, have returned to the bloggieverse!

Why have I been so out of touch lately, you ask?




La mia ragazza, a.k.a THE REIGNING QUEEN OF THE SLACKERS, wants you to know that A) she was away, traveling and B) upon her return, she came down with the flooooooooo and has been sick as un cane (a dog) (wait …. why do hoomans say that??) with a sore throat and achies and a hurty head. To that, I say … big deal!!! I, Lucia, have been waiting, waiting, waiting patiently for her to stop eating poppysicles and going through tissues like a swarm of locuste (locusts) in a cornfield to UPDATE MY BLOGGIE, already!!
Hey, how about updating my bloggie?????


Alas, to no avail! So, in la mia noia (my boredom),

I looked for things to do since it was clear to me that SHE would rather have a personal rapporto (relationship) with Auntie Byotics than with her most darlingest of ‘dales. First, I laid waste to my adored giocattoli (toys), vanquishing my pink Puppy Wubba -- the preferred plaything of my youth -- and exposing its squeaky innards before focusing my attention on its brother, the Big Blue Wubba. I surgically removed their code (tails), amusing myself for a while with the gentle, feathery nosey tickles of the Wubbas’ frayed edges. Aaaaaachoooo!!!! I also de-stuffed tre (three) of my loofah stuffies, including this gurrrrly pink one.

But these small expenditures of compressed Airedalius Lucius energia (energy) were simply not enough to stave off the bad case of la-mia-ragazza-less doldrums that had descended upon me like a smothery gray nuvola (cloud), so I sought other diversions. And when la mia ragazza clipped me to the outside lead yesterday morning so I could tan my gingery furs in the beautiful sunshine, I saw a fabulous opportunity for physical exertion and mental stimulation: A new archaeological scavo (excavation)!!!!

So ... while you-know-flooooo dozed off in the lawn chair, steeped in NyQuil (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz) and with a death-grip on her casella di tessuti (box of tissues), I, Lucia—at last free from my ennui-ness, stealthily began … to … dig.

Who, me? Digging? Noooooo, I was just taking a nap ... my nosey is always dusty like this ....

Oh, the unmitigated joy of plunging paw to earth! The exquisite velvety feel of dirt beneath my nails! The olfactory overload on the super-sized Airedalius Lucius nose as it dipped into sun-dappled ground! Hello, buggies! Hello, wormies! Hello, shrubbie roots! Hello, squirrel-buried-acorns! I, Lucia, am here to free you from your terra firma shackles!!! Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

La mia ragazza woke up long enough to capture the action, so I am able to present to everydoggie, kitteh, hammie and hooman, this clip, my very first viddie posting (we hope this works…..!!!), which I have entitled “Piccolo (little)Pompeii – The Joy of the Dig”:

Note how I not only excavated the dirt, but also removed patio mattoni (bricks), too! Oh, I certainly have a future in architecture AND archaeology, there can be no doubt!

Of course, once la mia ragazza discovered the depth (heeeeee!!!) and scope of my project, she became more animated than Disney’s “Fantasia.” So much for the calming effects of NyQuil! She was so upsetted that it even drove away the Canada Goosey mama and her children,

and NOTHING KNOWN TO MANKIND OR DOGKIND drives them away once they’ve settled in your neighborhood! Santa vacca, send me back to the kennel**, already – I just can’t take the melodrama!

Tanti baci!

**Yes, you heard me correctly: the kennel! While la mia ragazza was away, I, Lucia, was boarded with a congenial pack of otherdoggies at the kennel. Oh, what fun! I got to romp in the doggie playground with Jonny the Vizsla – who so closely resembled our bloggie pal, Dennis, that I kept asking Jonny, “Hey, are you SURE your name isn’t Dennis the Vizsla? No? Ok bye!” -- and I bunked next to a Golden Retriever buddy who reminded me of Paco, Milo AND Mason Dixie! There was a white poodle that looked like a scaled-down Sunny, a Chihuahua who reminded me of my beloved amico, Rambo, and a Goldendoodle who was the very image of Clive. (I was the lone terrierierrrr!) While there, I got to go for walkies around a big pond and indulge in a new flavor of Kong stuffie – BEEF!! Mmmmmm!!! La mia ragazza had extreme frets over leaving me at the kennel (which I will later use to my advantage, bwah-ah-ah!), but candidly everybloggie, I had a fantastico time!

PeeEss: I post this picture

for our new pupster pal, Miro, who recently had his ‘dale ears glued. This is me, Lucia, the day I had my ears glued by my breeder. La mia ragazza gets all teary when she sees fotografie (photos) of me as a young pup … sigh. I swear, she is an emotional wreck sometimes … not to mention THE REIGNING QUEEN OF THE SLACKERS!!!!!


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...


I was afraid woo had run off and joined the kirkhus or perhaps the Italian Foreign Legion!

Tank woo fur the update on your non-goings and sekhtretary's shortkhomings!


Clive said...


You're back!! We were getting so worried!

It's great that you had such a good time in the kennels and that you met another Goldendoodle!!

That was some hole you were digging!! I would get into really serious trouble for something like that!

Great to have you back!

lots of woofs
Clive and gang

Noah the Airedale said...

Dorso benvenuto Lucia (I hope that makes sense lol).
We missed you molto!
It's not so bad in the kennels. We go there once in a while too.

We hope suo ragazza is feeling better now.


Lorenza said...

H, Lucia!
Glad to see you back!
I hope your ragazza is feeling better now!
At first I thought you were innocent of that digging acusation but... the video does not lie!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Agatha and Archie said...

SANT VACCA we missed you!!! We hope your ragazza is feeling better,it is icky to get sick.....We just have a little pointer for you on your digging technique...You big guys dig very very slowly.....FAST FAST FAST that is how you have to dig my dear.....your feet need to go a hundred miles a minute.You will be able to get MUCH deeper and be AMAZED at the things you can find...We missed you!! Love and kisses A+A ps Archie said to tell you he had spaghetti for dinner..

Dennis the Vizsla said...

hello lucia its dennis the vizsla dog hay welkum bak nice to see yoo agin!!! hay i hav never herd of this jonny the vizsla dog he mite luk like me but ill bet he duznt hav a nice hat like i do!!! or a majik flying coaster!!! ennyway i am glad yoo ar bak and luk forward to seeing more of yoo ok bye

Asta said...

Oh Lucia
Thank dog you'we back!!!
I've missed you so much!!!
I'm sowwy youw wagazza has been sick, but delighted that you had a gweat time meeting new fwiends at the kennel.
Now you have to come visit me, cause it's cleew that you didn't have a WFT to play wif . Aftew my adventoowes wi Stanley my Love..I am sooo weady fow anothew aiwkid in my life.
I think you will have a mawvelous caweeew as an awcheologist/awchitect. can
i be youw assistant?
smoochie kisses

Hamish Westie said...

Lucia - great to have you back! And waxing so lyrical about the joys of a good excavating session (a subject too often ignored by those of a poetic turn of phrase!)
Cheers! H.

Faya said...

Oh I wish I could come and dig dig dig dig with you !!!!!
Kisses, Faya

Maggie and Mitch said...

How wonderful to see you, Lucia!
We have never ripped off Wubba's leggies - always his ball tummy and head! You have a different style than we do!
Great job on the dig!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Penny, Poppy & Patches said...

What a great gardener you are, Lucia! Our mom just loves the picture of you with your ears glued! We're glad you had a great time at the kennel! Our mom met a GoldenDoodle, yesterday and she wanted to dognap her! We hope your regazza (did I spell that right?) is feeling much better very soon!

Poppy, Penny & Patches

Molly and Taffy said...

Lucia we must highly commend your skills as a digger, you are indeed a natural. Just remember not to get carried away and start digging too near the house. With your skills it could end up a bit lopsided. :-)

Molly and Taffy.

Pee s. Good to see you back and could you just grab this tissue we are passing through the 'puter and hand it to you Mama.

Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

Lucia, Lucia - we are so glad you are back - we had missed you terribly. We were concerned that your gramps was not feeling good. We hate to hear of your ragazza's illness and hope she is on the mend.

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

Dear Lucia, so glad you are back, moving amongst us. And well done on the video of you digging up the bricks, we have lots of those here, you are welcome to share your skills anytime you are passing!

Sorry to hear your Mama has not been well, these humans do make a big fussy over a little runny nose don't they?

I had never heard of ears being glued, this sounds like torture, sometimes I am glad I am a stray mixture of breeds!

lotsaluv Marvin xxxxxxxxx

Martha Basset said...

Hi Lucia
We are also very happy that your are back blogging!
We are sorry to hear that your human servant was ill and required Auntie Byotics!
We hope she is now on the mend.
Now Martha likes to have a good old dig - usually a new plant that she has just watched being put into the ground - she takes it out again!
You, Lucia, were the best digger ever and to manage to move the bricks too - well done!
We hope you are suitably rewarded. We were also glad to hear you enjoyed your time in the kennel. Marvin himself was recently in the country club but didnt seem to have quite as much fun as you!
love and kisses
Martha & Bailey xxx

Eric said...

Lucia. Moma mia! I was worried where you were. It's molto bene to see you again. I hope your Grandpappy is doing well and your Moma's nose was better after the Aunty Biotics.

I watched your digging video. My gob was wide open in admiration at your skill. I don't do digging, well twice only. Mom says I'm a terrier pair of jeans missing. Isn't that mean? She's a slacker and emotional wreck too.Cooing at your gluey ears photo. Confess, I had a bit of a howl too!

Wiry loves and kisses, Eric xxxx

tula said...

Wroo wroo welcome back to bloggieworld!

Very impressive digging video-- you were really 'going to town' in the backyard. except La mia ragazza doesn't seem too pleased with your talents. oh well, just put that airegirlie look on her and she'll melt like buttah!

big wags & kisses 2 ya,

Deetz said...

Oh Lucia
The dreaded human flu, the mounds of kleenex, the confusion, the coughing and gagging...the only way for a human to heal from the flu is an adorable airedale like you

TwoSpecialWires said...

Well, we only began to feel a bit better when we read Eric's post. We were starting to think we were the only square dogs who don't (or haven't, as yet) digged. We told we may be failing to qualify for terrier credentials in other ways, too. But we hope you'll still like us.

A bit concerned. Thinking maybe we can practice digging in the sand,
Jake and Fergi