Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fotografie-less Passeggiata

Ciao, miei amici!

Even though I was esausta (exhausted) from the thrilling and splendid wedding festivities in Salzburg -- plus my performance with il mio caro (my darling) Busterigo in “The Magic Flute” – la mia ragazza decided a nice pre-dinner passeggiata (walkie) would be just the thing for us ieri (yesterday). So, off we went to the park for a four-mile hike that took us past a bello ruscello (pretty stream) along a path that cut through magnifici alberi (magnificent trees) and lots of wildflowers. Why are there no fotografie (photographs) of this, you ask? Because la mia ragazza FORGOT TO BRING THE CAMERA! Plllffffbbbbb!

Once we finished our walkie, we both sat on a grosso masso (big boulder) alongside the pretty stream, and many admirers came over to ask la mia ragazza what sort of doggie I was. I got lots of attention and many pats, and quite a few little hoomans wanted to give me ear scritchies, and naturally, being polite and amiable, I indulged everyone.

In lieu of fotografie (photographs) from the park – which, to remind you, are not available because la mia ragazza FORGOT TO BRING THE CAMERA – she snapped a few pikkies from our yard so you can see what’s currently blooming there. Mmmm … lille (lilacs)! What dolce profumo (sweet perfume)!

Here are the beginnings of the peonies. We’ll have to wait a little while longer until their beautiful pink fiori (flowers) bloom.

And here are some hydrangea shoots, just waking up in time for spring …

… and some bambini (baby) clematis …

… and the feathery red leaves of the Giapponese (Japanese) maple tree.

And here is a rare gingery-colored Airedaleus Lucius (Lucia the Airedale), freshly clipped from the groomer. La mia ragazza says it is her most precious fiore (flower) of all. Awwwwww ….. I may have to give her an extra-big smoochie for that!!

Tanti baci!



Clive said...


You look fabulous - fresh from the groomer! Wish someone would remember to take me!

Lovely to see Spring blooming in your back garden!

lots of woofs

Asta said...

Bella Lucia
I'm not suwpwised that you awe youw wagazza'a most pwecious flowew! You look esecially bootiful wif youw spwing aiwecut.
Those fiowi awe some of my vew vewy favowites..Lilacs and peonies. Theiw dolce pwofumo is magical just like you wewe at youw pawfowmance wif bustewigo.
smoochie baci

Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

We have to say the beautiful lilacs pale in comparison to the gorgeous Airedaleus Lucius. Our huMom just wants to reach out and hug you.

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

Mason Dixie said...

You look great after the groomers!! I saw a Dale today at the park, she was much bigger than me, never realized just how big your breed is. =)

Faya said...

I love the lilas...I have one in my garden. I will ask my Véronique to put some pictures of it. But you are more beautiful sweet Lucia !
Kisses, Faya

tula said...

aww you are a pretty flower Lucia! and so lucky to get lots of scritchies on your walkie..don't you just looove spring.


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...


If we plant some of your freshly khlipped lokhks will we'll get a pretty flower like woo?

PeeEssWoo: I khan't believe some mom furgot the khamera!

Persephone and Buster said...

hellO my lovely, dolce fiore, LUciahhhh!!!
you look mahvelous...all grown up with your new hairdo!
i do love that beeeUteefull black button too! geesh you're all ready for a night on the town... or pssssst...how bout we go out and do some landscaping??? you know---->dig some beeeg holes ;o)
oopsy -- no, i guess we better not make your ragazza "not happy". ...hmmmm on another note... your flowers are almost at the same point ours are! if the rain would go away we could plant some more...i help..i dig the holes(not really-- the humomm is not amused by this, haaarumph).
on a lighter note....forgot the camera???? uh...guess you've gotta go do the walkie again and bring the camera -- you'd like to go bounce at some kids and enjoy the day right?? REPEAT <-----
well, it's time to go to la la land..... g'night,
BUSTERIGO, and the gurlz.....

Lorenza said...

You look so beautiful Lucia!
She is right. You are the best flower!
Kisses and hugs

Noah the Airedale said...

siete bella hehe is that right? We're trying to say you are beautiful.
We also love the Japanese maple. What a lovely tree they are. We have some in our yard.

Noah Wo;;pw Tess :icu

Mango said...

I wonder if I could grow my own Airedaleus Lucius. You sure look pretty.

Momma and Master had a Japanese Maple at their old house. They said they almost took it with them when they moved because they are just lovely trees.


Nelly said...

Oh yes, we like the Airedaleus Lucius the best too. You are so pretty Lucia! I'm going to the groomers on Saturday! Me and Finni are going together so I don't feel so scared...
Nelly xx

erin said...

Your walkie was probably better without the camera, Lucia. I always wish my girl would forget the camera when we go for our walks. Sometimes I feel like I'm being stalked by the puparazzi.
PS Your airecut looks great!

Martha Basset said...

Lucia, You look very beautiful! We liked your pictures - we have a japanese maple in our garden too which has suddenly sprung into life.
They are always forgetting the camera, or to recharge the batteries in this house too - useless!
Martha & Bailey xx

TwoSpecialWires said...

You ARE a precious flower. We agree with la mia ragazza (we're pretty sure the personal pronouns are messed up there... but, oh well. You know what we are trying to say!)

Jake and Fergs